Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rain Is Berry Berry Good for the Blues

Exactly one year ago I was down in Dorset picking a second bucket of lovely high bush Vermont blueberries. Today, Bop, A and I ventured down to Wildwood Berry Farm once again, and this year I picked two buckets of the biggest blueberries I have ever seen in less than 2 hours. There was a report of a bear sighting in the berry fields but we didn't spot any critters that big on this trip.

I'm finally done getting them ready for their winter stay the freezer, but here's a peek at half the haul I picked today:

Just picked blueberries from Wildwood Berry Farm

The red colander was filled to the brim before I dumped the washed berries onto the towel to dry and freeze. The blueberries are nearly the size of grapes - no exaggeration - because of all the rainy weather in Vermont in June, followed by a week of hotter-n-heck days and warm nights. 

Time to make some blueberry buckle, my favorite cake made with fresh blues.

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