Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy Arrives in VT with Fancy Moves

With memories of Irene still whirling around this town, preparations for Sandy were serious but not panicked. There was not much going on all morning after a little bit of daybreak drizzle and the famed "red sky in the morning" but then just after noon time the sun peeked out, the wind kicked up a bit, and the sky flipped us a gift: a rainbow over West Rutland.

Hurricane Sandy precursor, West Rutland VT 29 Oct 2012
I snapped this rainbow photo from our front porch  at 12:15 Monday. (The rainbow was actually visible for more than 2 hours in nearby Castleton.)  After this little teaser, Sandy got more serious; the wind started gusting and blowing steadily, then a few hours later it started to rain, but not serious rain, just a shower type rain.

This is a huge contrast to the weather at our family home in Pennsylvania where rain and wind were relentless, water was everywhere and roads were flooding by 2pm. At 9pm the howling wind was dropping branches on the roof and the lights were blinking.

Last Halloween's freak snowstorm debris JUST got finally cleaned up last week in PA.  Please give us more of the rainbow attitude Sandy ... please?

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