Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Veggies: Peas

Peas growing in cold frame.
I planted my peas on St. Patrick's Day so it's been one month since I started my little sowing/growing experiment.

The pea seeds I sprouted indoors and then planted in the cold frame are growing well. The peas I sowed directly into the soil are a little behind the indoor starts, but they're sprouting and catching up. They seem to like growing with the garlic out in the open.  Here's a picture of the transplants in the cold frame, taken today. The transplants I put into the open ground aren't doing so well. I think I may have a soil problem, because the plants look a little pale or bleached. That could also be a bit of shock. We've had hot and cold and warm weather here that's probably confusing those seedlings. It's all part of the experiment, so we'll see if they adjust in the next few weeks.

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