Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Good Night, Irene

Our area of south central Vermont was hit very hard by Hurricane Irene (actually, this was only Tropical Storm Irene by the time she reached Rutland county because the winds died down to below 50mph). 

Although we didn't get nailed with high winds and downed trees, the torrential rains created the worst natural disaster in Vermont since 1927. Roads and homes washed away, farmland acreage was stripped of topsoil along with crops and livestock that washed away downstream; people's lives and livelihood and history were ripped away by peaceful streams and wading creeks that became raging rivers. We were very fortunate and suffered no damage, as this video taken during the final hours of the rain demonstrates. 

Just a mile or so away from our house, on lower ground closer to Rutland, Otter Creek and the Cold River, things are still in a state of disaster and just this week our community water supply was tested and it's contaminated with e-coli so we must boil all water and cannot use it to wash or bathe until further notice.