Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What a difference a month makes ...

Just a month ago I was lamenting the lack of red tomatoes. Today I'm struggling to stay ahead of the fast ripening harvest of tomatoes and squash from our small but productive gardens at both homes.

I've already made 2 big batches of dried tomatoes from the sweet Roma and jumbo pink cherry fruits; I've cooked lots of zucchini and tomatoes into pasta sauce for the freezer, and I whipped up some zucchini parmesan for dinner last week with enough to tuck a few meals into the freezer.

We've been eating squash and tomatoes for every dinner and sometimes for lunch, too. The cucumbers went crazy with fruit after the drought ended, so we made fresh dill pickles ... but those disappear almost as quickly as I can get them into the brine.

We harvested a giant zuke from the Vermont garden last week. It must have weighed about 20 pounds. In fact, it was so big it scared Anya ... and she loves veggies.  Last night Doug baked it into a chocolate chip zucchini cake ... to celebrate our 9th anniversary. Yummy!

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