Sunday, July 24, 2011

Garden Goodies in 2 States

Our organic gardens are growing wonderfully this year despite some challenging weather and animal raiders. The PA veggie garden is producing lots of green and yellow squash. There are plenty of green tomatoes but no red fruits in sight yet.

That garden is totally fenced in  but it hasn't stopped groundhogs from finding their way into the veggie patch to munch down the beans. So far Doug's trapped and relocated 3 ground hogs from that fenced vegetable patch. He also captured a couple confused raccoons - on separate occasions. One didn't want to leave the trap after the door was opened up to set him free. Perhaps he thought it was his personal dining car and was waiting for more melon.

In Vermont we have a raised bed planter outside the kitchen door where we planted 3 tomato plants, 2 pepper plants, a row of carrots, one squash and one cucumber. So far the tomato plants are 7 feet tall and loaded with green fruits.

I'll be picking a yellow squash for dinner and I ate the first cucumber for lunch yesterday. I  planted a test garden in one area of the back yard where we had trees removed, and sowed a small row of pole beans along the back of the house. The test garden is doing very well; it survived a wind and hail storm last week with only a few broken leaves.

We gave the soil mounds some lime along with organic cow manure and the small garden area is  producing  green and yellow squash now. I discovered 2 small cucumber plants hidden under the foliage, so I may get more cucumbers, too.

The bean plants died or got eaten the first time I planted, so I planted beans again  in the same spot a couple weeks ago. The second sowing is up and starting grow tendrils, but there's a rabbit that sneaks in to  nibble on the plants so I don't know if I'll get anywhere with beans this year. Today I'm going to make sapling stick teepee trellises for the beans to climb up. If the roofers don't smash the plants next week I may get some fresh beans from the back yard by mid-August.