Saturday, December 18, 2010

Another Talented Nephew

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

White Christmas Guarantee

The local news in Vermont has an advert running about a White Christmas Guarantee. I haven't paid enough attention to get the details, but last night's weather and the forecast for the next 10 days pretty much supports that guarantee up here in central Vermont. I woke before dawn to a nice 7 inch snowfall today. The thermometer, which was flirting with mid-fifties over the weekend, dropped back overnight in the other direction. It's now struggling to get to 20 and there's not much hope that it will rise above the freezing mark until - yes, you guessed it - the weekend.

Today I'm thankful for a few basics:

1) Lining up a great local snow plow service and high speed internet in early November right after we bought this home in Vermont.

2) Finding my driveway and steps totally cleared of snow before 7am today.

 3) Being a work-at-home freelancer, so I don't need to go out in the cold except to pick up the mail and clean off the car. I don't need to drive anywhere, but if I did, the roads are completely clear. Hey, this is New England, not Pennsylvania.

I've got the Christmas tree up and mostly decorated - I saved the best ornaments for Doug. Today and tomorrow I'm expecting delivery of the gifts I ordered online, so all that I need to do now for the holidays is wrap gifts and spend time with family. Assorted family members will be driving here from a few hours away, so let's hope for no more snow for a few days  - after the New Year would be ideal.