Thursday, October 07, 2010

About that black cloud behind us ...

When I was a kid we had a family joke about a rain cloud that followed my Dad all around when we went on vacation. We always had our vacation in August, and no matter how sunny, hot and dry the summer weather had been up to that point, on the week all 6 of us piled into the car with Mum and Dad we'd have rain. Six kids on vacation in the mountains or at the beach when it's raining can be trying for even the most nonchalant adult. We always managed to find fun on our vacation, even on the rainy days.

On one vacation in August that  I took without Dad but with Mum at Hampton Beach the cloud still managed to find us. We were camping - yes, camping in tents at a campground near a salt marsh in the piney woods - and a hurricane brushed New England. After 3 days of rain and warnings of flooding and high winds we packed up the tents and camping gear and drove home with the kids and Trish (who was about 2 and a half then). The sun, of course, returned the next day but we abandoned the beach vacation for the rest of the week and stayed close to home. Curses on the black cloud - it must have been atracted to the car, not to Daddy.

Mum and I got a reminder of the black cloud syndrome this past week when we took a bus tour vacation through the sunny South - to Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA with stops in Charlotte, NC. On the first day as we were enroute to Charleston, our tour stopped for an overnight stay and afternoon of shopping in Charlotte, NC. All 50 of us got dropped off from the tour bus at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach . We were nowhere in view of the beach, but we had plenty of water to contend with because we were smack in the midst of a tropical storm that dumped 11 inches on that area and then moved up the eastern seaboard to New England. There was so much rain that many of the folks on the trip had to buy new shoes because they got so wet. We had rain gear and umbrellas; others improvised with makeshift protection - one lady even good-naturedly put a plastic bag on her head to keep dry! Nothing stopped the determined shoppers that day, and we all managed to find humor in our stormy Monday situation. As we left the next day we saw news reports that parts of Charlotte were disaster areas. Sorry for that ...

We proceeded south the next morning, heading into more rainy weather enroute to Charleston. Although we slogged through intermittent showers and clouds the sun came out on Wednesday and we had lovely weather for the rest of the trip.

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