Friday, September 03, 2010

A Bloodhound Bit Me in the UI - MySpace, I'm Outta Here

I've just killed my account on MySpace. I didn't use it all that much and my latest visit proved to be my last. I got into my profile to adjust my privacy settings and as I tried to save them my computer froze up ... yes, within the secure (?) MySpace UI. I believe it was running Java. I was able to complete the task, but I was on alert right away. When prompted by MySpace to give a reason for cancelling, I was upfront and honest about the experience I'd just had and my disgust about it.

So, I suspected something was going on because of how the PC was behaving. It seems I was right. Norton nailed a nasty virus within a few minutes ... a virus that exploits Java vulnerabilities - it's called Bloodhound - and it goes after personal information. Norton took care of cleaning it out, and I took a few more steps to ensure it didn't get into my backup sets or system restore file and I also manually updated my Java software to make sure I had the latest version running.

If I got that virus while using the MySpace UI and working on my personal data, I can only imagine what's going on with other member accounts and personal information. I don't need the headaches or the snooping, thank-you.

I can't prove that MySpace was the source of the virus, but I don't visit unknown sites, and it was the only place I visited that day that I don't surf to every day. I use updated Norton live protection and a couple other tools to keep my computer free from crap .. nothing else adds up except that visit to MySpace and the problems I had when I tried to tighten up my privacy settings.

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