Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day - It's Been 40 Years!

It's been a tough go but I think the nation has finally grasped the concepts put forth in 1970 and taken them to heart. Reduce, reuse, recycle - and while you're at it, buy organic/fair trade/sustainably produced foods and goods.

When you shop, BYOB - bring your own bags. If you don't have enough and don't want to buy canvas bags then stitch, crochet or knit up a few extras and keep them in your trunk or back seat.

I'm saving big birdseed bags to cut apart to make sturdy tote bags. If you enjoy working with fibers, knit or crochet a reusable shopping bag - this one's easy to knit from cotton yarn.Or get out the sewing machine and turn old clothes or sheets into new shopping totes.

For you diehard recyclers there's another tried and true nifty way to use up those plastic grocery bags the stores keep handing out.  Cut up your old plastic shopping sacks to make plastic strips (sometimes called "plarn") then knit yourself a reusable shopping bag from those nasty plastic bags.

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