Monday, April 19, 2010

Censored by Facebook - And then, Not Censored

 Minutes after I first posted this, the link on Facebook returned. I still think my comments here are valid, and worth keeping. But rest assured, Facebook's editorial team found at least one member with a brain who could actually read and must have followed the link to review the content.

If you use Facebook, have you ever had one of your posts removed? It happened to me today - and I don't understand the reason. I posted a link to a video on, an interview with young adults who survived the Oklahoma City bombings 15 years ago today.

According to recent news reports, that horrific event has been nearly obliterated from the history books used by our schools; ask high school or eaven some college students about it and they'll  give you a blank stare. They know about the WTC attack, but they don't know about the attack by US citizens that killed so many innocent people.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist - I just think it's strange that a bombing on home soil is fading from memory and Facebook found my reference offensive ( or one of those who reads my page objected to it ) and took down the post. This is clearly censorship. The post was an interview video on a respected television news station.

Do we have anarchists working at Facebook? Or did someone think I was in support of that act of cowardice and mayhem? Perhaps the complainer sympathizes with the terrorists, or the editor who blanked out the link didn't follow through to see it was not at all in support, but is a solid piece of journalism that explores the aftermath on the kids who survived the blast that destroyed their day care center in the federal building. They, like most of the kids in high school today, were babies and toddlers when the bombing attack occurred.

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CrypticFragments said...

WOW. I had no idea facebook was censored.
Sometimes I am a little naive, I guess.
I would have assumed it was a glitch and just kept reposting it! lol