Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Official - Spring Has Arrived

Spring arrived on Saturday afternoon and we were blessed with a simply gorgeous sunny weekend in the 70's. We ate lunch outdoors on Saturday, then all 3 meals on the deck Sunday. I'm raring to go with our vegetable garden and raised bed boxes - we're planning an even bigger crop of organic veggies this year, just like these carrots from last season:

I'm still not 100% following the gallbladder episode, but I simply had to get out to work in the garden and enjoy the weather. I managed to clean up most of the garden beds and walk ways: I trimmed off dead stalks from the perennials, fluffed up the mulch, removed the winter leaf covers, cleaned off the brick  patios and swept the deck and cabana.

Doug dug up the vegetable patch and planted the peas and spinach, plus he hauled all my debris piles away. Mind you he did all this in between sanding and varnishing our bedroom floor and painting the ceiling in there, too.

All in all we had a very productive weekend - now we're ready to get the hot tub opened up by end of the month!

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