Friday, February 12, 2010

SnowPocalypse Live in Southeastern PA - February 10, 2010

We got 22 inches according to the measuring stick on our deck. Here's a shot of Mother Nature working hard to deliver the second punch of heavy snow to our area in 4 days - in a region where they don't generally know how to handle snow, and usually just wait for it to stop before plowing (or not - they like, just let it melt). I'd rather be in New England.

This storm arrived for dinner on Tuesday, just a few hours after I finished clearing the leftover ice and snow on the walks, steps, roof edges and deck from a weekend storm that dumped 12 inches at our house (much more just miles south of us).

I hear that Vermont has no snow - and the Olympics is also suffering a snow drought. You can have ours ...

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Pastiche said...

I forgot to mention this: in the snow photo of the truck, I had already cleaned it off twice, each time removing about 8 inches of snow from the roof, hood and sides. That bump to the left of the truck is my Corolla - waiting for yet another clean off.