Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Year, More Frequent Driver Miles

Just returned from my first 2010 LDG (long distance grandma) trip to New England. Our holiday visit with the kids and grandkids in NH and VT got delayed due to Doug's heart procedure (he's fine now that the stents are in place) and the weather (snow in PA and NJ on my twice-delayed departure date).

When I finally got to share Christmas gifts with both daughters and their families it was actually more relaxed than during the holiday rush season. 

Needless to say I drove the truck to New England, feeling almost immortal armed with the stick shift and trusty FWD. Good thing - my nice shiny new 2010 Corolla has already accumulated 2 recalls, not yet repaired: 1 for a sticking gas pedal (it actually did this to Doug while I was away) and serious loss of braking capability if you drive in cold states like, oh, Vermont.