Sunday, August 16, 2009

Woodstock as a Commodity

Did you ever think anyone could trademark a phrase that's been used for 40 years? Well, apparently Summer of Love is (according to Zazzle) the intellectual property of Live Nation - the corporate moneybag for Woodstock 2009 ... at least that's the excuse they gave me recently for pulling one of my original nostalgia designs. I was a member of the graduation class of 1969.

This design was approved and offered for sale at the Zazzle site for at least a year or more. So, out of the clear blue I got email telling me my design violated Zazzle policies and was being pulled. I tried to get a straight answer about why the design was yanked, and I just got robotic responses regarding "intellectual property" ... I'm still not sure what they consider is the actual violation on my design. It must be the words, because the art is mine.

I created the artwork used on this tee shirt more than 2 years ago. Thousands of writers and artists have used the phrase "summer of love" for at least 4 decades. It wasn't originally about Woodstock; it was actually used to describe summer/1967 in San Francisco. Perhaps someone from Live Nation can elucidate.

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