Friday, May 01, 2009

Mother's Day is May 10

Everyone has a mother; some are still with us and others are not. My mother was a real hottie when she was younger. She graced all her daughters with those curls and cheekbones.

I happen to be a mom and a grandmother but unfortunately right now I live far away from my daughters and grandchildren. I won't be with them on Mother's Day and that makes me a little sad. But I always hear from them on my birthday and Mother's Day. I make sure my mother gets a card and I try to make something crafty and special just for her, too.

A card, a phone call or just a little email message helps to make the distance and time between visits not seem so long and large.

Remember your Mom on Mother's Day - even if she's no longer with you, even if it's difficult. At one time you were her world and you can be certain that somewhere in her heart she still remembers that time when you were small and she was the strong one. And so do you.

Now, for a lighthearted look at being Mom, check out "I'm the Mom".

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