Friday, May 15, 2009

In Memory of My Father

blubber lodge ossippee new hampshire
Blubber Lodge

When I was a child, we spent at least a few days of our family vacation at Blubber Lodge, my Dad's old camp in Ossippee, New Hampshire. He and 4 other men built it in the late 1950s, in what was then a very rural New Hampshire town. It was a no-frills, wood heat, hand-pump in the kitchen structure - a hunting-fishing-man cave getaway cabin.

As the youngest of the group, my father ended up owning the camp and he longed to go there every year. My oldest brother Chris spent many seasons helping to rebuild and repair the cabin over the course of several years. His family spent chill-out time there many times. The rest of the family had relocated to Pennsylvania, so there were not too many visitors other than them and occasionally my father, from 1974 until 2004.

Fred made his last visit to the camp with two of my brothers about a year before he passed away. After Dad's death, Blubber Lodge was subsequently sold and I haven't been back since I took this photo in 2004 when my mother traveled to New Hampshire prior to the sale.

My father passed away 5 years ago today; with no cemetery for me to visit (he was cremated and his ashes are at the camp as well as at other locations he loved all over New England) I like to remember him with photos, and with my memories of Fred Hansen, my father, as a younger and happier man.

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