Thursday, May 28, 2009

Good Dog - Paw Bone Tee Shirt

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Menopause Matters

Friday, May 22, 2009

Swine Flu Mask - Knit Wits

Sick of the news about H1N1?

Bored out of your gourd?

Take the pressure off and have some fun making this knitted Swine-Flu Masque by David R. Castillo (aka GoGoDavitron).

Take that, Kermit.

You can find more knit and crochet masks here.

Rocket Moms Soar to New Heights

I've mentioned before that I write at Squidoo. I've created nearly 100 topical lenses (one-page web sites about a single subject) at Squidoo. I'm also a Giant Squid and a Squidoo Rocket Mom.

What's a Squidoo Rocket Mom? Rocket Moms is an invite-only gathering of the smartest women on the web, working together to make Squidoo lenses and a whole lot more. The first group of Rocket Moms has nearly completed its 6-week get-together. I'm pleased to say it's been challenging, exciting and lots of fun to be part of the inaugural group. I've met lots of new women and reconnected with many of my longtime female lensmasters in the Rocket Moms group. I've also been inspired to create more than 6 new lenses in just under a month. Seven of my lenses are in the top 100 Rocket Moms Lenses. w00t! Soon the first session of Rocket Moms will end, and each of us will have 5 invitations to hand out to new members.

If you're passionate about Squidoo, would love to be a successful WAH woman, and want to make friends and earn money by doing what you love, let me know. I would love to be able to welcome five new Rocket Moms to Squidoo.

What's a Squidoo? Squidoo is an online community filled with one-page web sites called lenses. They're focused on a single topic, person or idea - that's why each individual page is called a "lens." Anyone can join Squidoo for free and create one or one thousand lenses. They're easy to create because Squidoo has a simple to use page building tool that lets you pick and choose building blocks to add to your lens. It's got easy fill-in-the-blanks templates to get you started, then you simply pick out the modules you need to add guestbooks, Amazon products you want to feature (and make money from), charity donation blocks, pictures, lists, polls, videos and written text blocks to your lens. You can arrange your Squidoo lens modules anyway you like - and you can rearrange them at any time.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Famous Clip Art

clip art penguin featured in iphone snowglobe appAnother of my graphics has a small claim to fame. My baby penquin clip art is featured in an iPhone toy, Snowglobe. 

This is the second of my graphics used with permission. The first was a Back to School graphic that's featured as the backdrop in a funny kid-friendly video.

My original graphics are offered free to parents and teachers for personal and classroom use. I also permit single image use for blogs and Squidoo lenses under a Creative Commons license

My graphics are NOT permitted for use on Zazzle, CafePress or download sites.

If you're interested in using my clip art for commercial projects, get in touch with me - you need to purchase the image or get a license for any commercial use.

Friday, May 15, 2009

In Memory of My Father

blubber lodge ossippee new hampshire
Blubber Lodge

When I was a child, we spent at least a few days of our family vacation at Blubber Lodge, my Dad's old camp in Ossippee, New Hampshire. He and 4 other men built it in the late 1950s, in what was then a very rural New Hampshire town. It was a no-frills, wood heat, hand-pump in the kitchen structure - a hunting-fishing-man cave getaway cabin.

As the youngest of the group, my father ended up owning the camp and he longed to go there every year. My oldest brother Chris spent many seasons helping to rebuild and repair the cabin over the course of several years. His family spent chill-out time there many times. The rest of the family had relocated to Pennsylvania, so there were not too many visitors other than them and occasionally my father, from 1974 until 2004.

Fred made his last visit to the camp with two of my brothers about a year before he passed away. After Dad's death, Blubber Lodge was subsequently sold and I haven't been back since I took this photo in 2004 when my mother traveled to New Hampshire prior to the sale.

My father passed away 5 years ago today; with no cemetery for me to visit (he was cremated and his ashes are at the camp as well as at other locations he loved all over New England) I like to remember him with photos, and with my memories of Fred Hansen, my father, as a younger and happier man.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Peace Clip Art

peace sign clip artMy new peace sign clip art lens at Squidoo is ready for prime time.

Peace Clip Art is the 3rd component in a set of niche pages developed around the theme of Peace and art in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock art and music festival (August 2009).

In '69 I was 18 years old, but I wasn't able to go to Woodstock.

Peace Coloring - the Color of Peace
Make Peace Not War - Peace Crafts
Peace Clip Art

Monday, May 04, 2009

Peace Coloring Books

I draw pictures and design clip art. Here's a recent Squidoo page I created all about Peace Coloring Books.

How to Avoid H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu)

If you're getting confused or don't know what to do to avoid getting the H1Ni flu virus, just read this easy to understand article by ComfortDoc: How to Prevent Getting H1N1 Flu or Swine Flu.

It's got all the information you need: the four basic steps to prevent infection, the science behind the disease, and lots of other resources (good resources) with up to date information.

ComfortDoc is a real MD, and she's also a terrific writer at Squidoo.

Remember what Mom taught you:
  • Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing (try to do it away from others)
  • Wash your hands every time you sneeze or cough, or after you've been out in public
  • Keep your hands away from your mouth, eyes and nose
  • Stay away from sick folks, and if you get sick STAY HOME
If you can't wash up right away, carry and use alcohol-based hand sanitizer spray, gel, or wipes.

Don't shake hands or touch other people's computer keyboards, phones or personal items.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Mother's Day is May 10

Everyone has a mother; some are still with us and others are not. My mother was a real hottie when she was younger. She graced all her daughters with those curls and cheekbones.

I happen to be a mom and a grandmother but unfortunately right now I live far away from my daughters and grandchildren. I won't be with them on Mother's Day and that makes me a little sad. But I always hear from them on my birthday and Mother's Day. I make sure my mother gets a card and I try to make something crafty and special just for her, too.

A card, a phone call or just a little email message helps to make the distance and time between visits not seem so long and large.

Remember your Mom on Mother's Day - even if she's no longer with you, even if it's difficult. At one time you were her world and you can be certain that somewhere in her heart she still remembers that time when you were small and she was the strong one. And so do you.

Now, for a lighthearted look at being Mom, check out "I'm the Mom".