Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Going to the Dogs

Do you have a dog? I have loved many canines in my life, but I haven't had a dog companion of my own for more than 15 years, and I'm feeling like it's time for a new family member.

One of the two cute pooches above has already traveled over the Rainbow Bridge; the other little old gal is 15 years old and still with us. These two ladies were officially the fur children of my middle brother but they were well loved by everyone in our family. Digger, on the left in the blue bandanna, is part black lab and I think part Rottweiler. She has the look of a guard dog but the disposition of a kitten. Plus, she has cute webbed feet.

Digger slept with me and loved to climb onto my lap when I sat on the porch in my big wicker chair, pondering life and the future. Cricket, on the right wearing my purple bandanna, was a high energy mutt of undetermined heritage - she probably had some golden in her because she had the brains and color and lack of attention span. She was usually the instigator when the two got into mischief and wandered away from the yard.

Both the "girls" were good pals and loyal pets, welcome at our family get togethers for many years. I spent many days with them in good and bad weather, teaching them a few new tricks and learning a couple from them, as well.

If I get a new dog, I've found a great place online to find all sorts of helpful information for dog owners, with reviews of every type of accessory and toy I might need for every stage of a dog's life.

And if they're really special BFFs - Best Furry Friends - I'll consider clothing them in high style Pet Fashions.

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