Friday, February 27, 2009

Cabin Fever Cure

Every year around this time that old urge to get out and dig in the garden starts nagging at me. The snow is gone from our southern Pennsylvania lawn, and some days feel / smell like Spring is in the air. But wait, tomorrow it might be freezing cold again, and the soil is really still too wet and cold to plant anything. So, what's a gardener to do while waiting for April's warm weather? Well, one thing I used to do was sit for hours with the seed catalogs and plant wishbooks. Now I can do that and surf the Internet making plans for the garden that will be this year.

One favorite place to do this dreaming is the web site for Mr. Twitter's Garden and Gift Emporium. It's a mouthful, but it fits - the shop is several shops in one, including a wonderful garden of perennials, annuals and outdoor decor.

Although the shop with the purple picket fence is far from my home, it's not so from my daughter's house in Vermont. So I'm on the e-mailing list and I get a heads-up when something special's happening at Twitters - like a bus trip to the Vermont Flower Show or a seasonal sale extravaganza. I've got a lovely flat tray barn type seed feeder and shepherd's hook from the shop. I found wonderful seeds for the flower and vegetable garden - they're going into the cold frame soon. And, I've got designs on a very special hummingbird feeder that I plan to purchase this year to add to the garden near the hot tub and deck.

If you're living within an hour of south central Vermont, or visiting at any time year round near Rutland, make it a point to stop in at Mr. Twitter's Garden and Gift Emporium. You'll find something for everyone - gardeners, bird lovers, fashionistas - and all sorts of edible treats and Vermont-crafted gifts and gewgaws.

Tell 'em Rebekah's Mom sent you ... by way of Pennsylvania on the Lee Side.

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