Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Birthday, Another Chocolate Cake

I celebrated yet another birthday this past weekend, and it turned out to be quite a nice one. The day started off with a surprise package on the doorstep for Saturday delivery - chocolate truffles from DD#1 Trish and family. Next: the mail arrived with a birthday card from childhood friend and pal, Barb. Then, a special dinner at 8 - table for two at Judy's on Cherry - complete with a French martini. Next, back home for dessert: made from scratch chocolate cake with dark fudge frosting. This is the absolute best chocolate cake in the world, baked and frosted by my sweetheart husband the Renaissance man, Doug. Finally, a birthday"PING" on my cell phone announcing text message birthday wishes and love from DD#2, Bekah. But it didn't end there. Step-daughter Jocelyn rang me up the next night with Happy Birthday wishes.

It's enough to carry me forth for another 364 days. Thanks, everyone, for remembering me. And thanks, Doug, for only putting 21 candles on top. I got 'em all out in one big puff!

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