Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Halloween Parade

Temple Halloween Parade - Muhlenberg Township, 2008

We ventured out to watch the annual Halloween Parade in Temple, Pennsylvania on Saturday evening. We arrived at 5:45, and stationed ourselves across from the Post Office - about half a block from the judges reviewing stand. This spot is only a mile from our home, and about a mile from the parade formation area. The first picture above shows the crowd already gathered, waiting for the parade to arrive. The parade is a big deal in this area - Temple holds the first Halloween parade in the region, although the major spectacle - and largest Halloween parade - is the King Frost Parade in Hamburg (that takes place closer to the end of October).

The souvenir vendor lady looked like she was guiding a parade float. She did a big business that night with the kids.

We, along with the crowd of families, vendors and a few not-too-sober onlookers, waited until past 7:00 before the first marchers passed by. In the meantime, there was plenty of diversion and humble entertainment (people watching, junk food eating) for everyone to enjoy. It was cool but not freezing, and we managed to hang on until the precision motorcycle riders came through around 8:45.

Next week I'm returning to my home town un New Hampshire to attend the Great Pumpkin Festival. It will be a bit chillier (in New Hampshire), but instead of a parade I'll be watching the Giant Pumpkin weigh-in, pumpkin catapult contest, lighting of the Jack O'Lanterns and the scarecrow building race.

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