Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chore Charts - Star Charts

Did you have a chart for chores when you were a kid?

We had lots of them in school, especially the star charts for attendance and reading. And then there was the class schedule, and homework tracker ... I guess the make-a-list trait stayed with me. As a mom I made charts for the kids to keep track of goals, dentist visits, meetings, ball games, scouts and yeah, chores. We had countdowns to holidays - and of course an Advent calendar with chocolate treats behind little doors.

I used a year-at-a-glance calendar and then a looseleaf day planner book to keep track of meetings, travel arrangements and appointments when I was a traveling executive.

Nowadays my life is less hectic and I report to and for only myself, but I still make lists, and lots of them. I have lists for the grocery store, lists of garden chores and plants to buy, pet care lists, auto service lists, lists to keep track of things to do/buy/remember, and lists of creative ideas that fly into my head at odd hours.

Is it a sign of good organization, or am I having a fear of senior moments?

Now where is that list I made for Santa?

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