Monday, October 27, 2008

Do the Math

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Animoto Video Test

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chore Charts - Star Charts

Did you have a chart for chores when you were a kid?

We had lots of them in school, especially the star charts for attendance and reading. And then there was the class schedule, and homework tracker ... I guess the make-a-list trait stayed with me. As a mom I made charts for the kids to keep track of goals, dentist visits, meetings, ball games, scouts and yeah, chores. We had countdowns to holidays - and of course an Advent calendar with chocolate treats behind little doors.

I used a year-at-a-glance calendar and then a looseleaf day planner book to keep track of meetings, travel arrangements and appointments when I was a traveling executive.

Nowadays my life is less hectic and I report to and for only myself, but I still make lists, and lots of them. I have lists for the grocery store, lists of garden chores and plants to buy, pet care lists, auto service lists, lists to keep track of things to do/buy/remember, and lists of creative ideas that fly into my head at odd hours.

Is it a sign of good organization, or am I having a fear of senior moments?

Now where is that list I made for Santa?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hot Air Balloons and Fall Foliage

Sunday mornings, between 6am and 9am when the weather is good, it's flying time for hot air balloons in sleepy Milford, New Hampshire. This weekend was no exception - I heard the familiar sound of the burner overhead as I was waking up, and grabbed my camera to snap this shot out the bedroom window as this beauty was preparing to land.

hot air balloon milford new hampshire october 12 2008

Usually the noise the gas jet burner makes to keep the balloon afloat wakes up all the neighborhood dogs, but not today. Just me. And my digital camera.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Milford Pumpkin Festival 2008

milford pumpkin festival logo19th Annual Pumpkin Festival
Milford, New Hampshire's annual Columbus Day weekend celebration kicked off Friday night with perfect Autumn weather.

Saturday was also picture perfect with bright blue skies, temperatures in the mid-60's and lots of warm sun. There was plenty to do, see and eat all and it was easy to get around - police blocked off portions of the traffic circle (Milford Oval) to create a pedestrian mall between the Community House and the Town Hall in the center of town. I got lots of pictures ... here are a few favorites:

giant pumpkin

Milford Band Stand Gazebo on the Oval

kids spray fire fighting hose at target

Friday, October 10, 2008

Lego Halloween Fun

Lego Fun for Everyone
My family loves Lego bricks. No matter what age, Lego is a favorite toy in the extended Hansen family. My Dad enjoyed Lego almost as much as Tinker Toys. My daughters started playing with Duplo (the larger toddler safe version of these wonderful snap-together building blocks) when they were first able to grasp blocks.
Lego craft pattern, Halloween witch decorationMy grandkids have lotsa Legos. My nieces and nephews build elaborate Lego constructions - and they're all teenagers or young adults! I confess, I still love Lego bricks.

Here's a Halloween witch decoration made with Legos you can make with the kids (or grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends). There's also a pattern for a Halloween pumpkin, and if you're really into it, a 3D pumpkin built with Lego blocks.

Halloween Crafts for Kids
Lego Halloween

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Halloween Parade

Temple Halloween Parade - Muhlenberg Township, 2008

We ventured out to watch the annual Halloween Parade in Temple, Pennsylvania on Saturday evening. We arrived at 5:45, and stationed ourselves across from the Post Office - about half a block from the judges reviewing stand. This spot is only a mile from our home, and about a mile from the parade formation area. The first picture above shows the crowd already gathered, waiting for the parade to arrive. The parade is a big deal in this area - Temple holds the first Halloween parade in the region, although the major spectacle - and largest Halloween parade - is the King Frost Parade in Hamburg (that takes place closer to the end of October).

The souvenir vendor lady looked like she was guiding a parade float. She did a big business that night with the kids.

We, along with the crowd of families, vendors and a few not-too-sober onlookers, waited until past 7:00 before the first marchers passed by. In the meantime, there was plenty of diversion and humble entertainment (people watching, junk food eating) for everyone to enjoy. It was cool but not freezing, and we managed to hang on until the precision motorcycle riders came through around 8:45.

Next week I'm returning to my home town un New Hampshire to attend the Great Pumpkin Festival. It will be a bit chillier (in New Hampshire), but instead of a parade I'll be watching the Giant Pumpkin weigh-in, pumpkin catapult contest, lighting of the Jack O'Lanterns and the scarecrow building race.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Design a Book Cover for Wiley

Okay all you Photoshop Phanatics - here's your shot at fame and fortune.

Design a book cover for Wiley, a leading publisher of Adobe how-to books (and many other tech-geek-design books). This is one sample design from the entries already received. Contest ends October 31 - get on over to the Wiley contest site to check out the rules and start making visual history.