Monday, April 07, 2008

Jackson Browne for My Birthday

In '65 I was 14; we all grow older, just don't get old.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Rainbow Connection - Winter's End in Vermont

Lee on a photo-hike in Vermont snow, between the blizzards December 15 2007Winters in New England are tough, even for natives like me and my kids. It starts snowing in October, and keeps on snowing until April (sometimes May). In between snowstorms ithe precipitation changes to sleet or the temperature gets down well below zero. Sometimes the sun shines and other times the wind howls right out of Canada - the old Montreal express can shake any house to its bones in mid-February. It's no wonder so many people flee southward after Thanksgiving.

This year, central Vermont (and much of New England) got hit with record-breaking snow levels that put even old-timers to the test. Late last week, though, old man Winter finally realized his time to rule is over for this year. April made a colorful arrival in Brandon, just north of Rutland late last week ... reminding everyone that yes, there is a rainbow after the storm. And if rainbows and rain are in the forecast, mud season is here and summer is not too far away.

Welcome, Spring!!