Saturday, March 22, 2008

***pEEp pARTy***

***pEEp pARTy***
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Ready for the ring of fire ... Peeps on Parade

Easter Eggs Get Jiggy - Woo Hoo !!

Easter Eggs! @ Yahoo! Video

Did you ever wonder what the Easter egg decorating experience is like for the eggs?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Peace Symbol 50th Anniversary

The Peace Symbol is 50 years old this week.

The internationally recognized graphic's been around almost as long as I have.
It was originally a Ban the Bomb protest symbol in the UK, but Woodstock nation adopted it to protest Viet Nam and it's been associated with anti-war movements ever since. The peace symbol and it's partner the V-fingers Victory and/or Peace gesture are still heavily in use today all over the world.

Teach peace - print a sheet of free peace sign stickers like these.

Not to be missed - check out the peace symbol made from hands in a high 5 gesture (below). It's not in the free collection above - but it is available at Zazzle.