Friday, March 09, 2007

Flower Power Baby Toy

I've been a crafty person since I was a wee tike, sewing doll clothes, fashions, curtains, slip covers, designing paper dolls and wardrobes, doing wood-working, knitting, embroidering, macrame and drawing or painting at every opportunity.

I made most of my kids' clothes until they were in middle school and for years I made many toys, clothes, decorations and household goodies as gifts.

Since I got into illustration on computer about 10 years ago, and now that I have a much smaller home, I haven't had the opportunity/inspiration to sew as much as I did in the seventies and eighties. Well, that's all changed - I have *grandchildren* so I can have fun with fabric arts again.

Here's my latest soft sculpture project. It's a gift for my new grandson ... a sleepy flower power guy with sturdy grab handles and wonderful floppy legs. It's drool and slobber proof - soft cotton floss and squishy fleece with poly filling.

Soft sculpture flower guy

Sure hope Sawyer likes it. I do.

flower power soft sculpture toy

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