Tuesday, October 04, 2005

For the Love of Chocolate!!!

Okay, it's a well-documented fact that I love dark chocolate more than any other treat on this planet. In fact, I have been a chocolate devotee since toddler days - and that's more than a half century ago. Lee attacks Mr. Chocolate Bunny's ears right from the start The picture says it all ... one hit, she's hooked. *NExxxxxt*

Well, as I was just surfin along the other day I discovered a most supremely decadent way to serve and enjoy my passion -with fruit- a Chocolate Fountain. Check it out, this company is right around the corner from me in SOPA and I didn't know cuz I have been avoiding the Chamber meetings for a few months - what a mistake THAT little vaca was on my part: Elite Chocolate Fountain. WOOO HOOOO! Just a bit of the web page copy

"Experience an exciting and delicious way to indulge your guests with the smooth creamy taste of chocolate while it cascades down a specially made fountain. Imagine the reaction of your guests when they see this attractive centerpiece and smell the rich creamy aroma of chocolate"

... is enough to make me positively choco-nutso. Yo, Elite peeps, save me a cuppa the good stuff, PLEASE! Pretty Please! I guess I'll hafta get myself to a Berks County Chamber soiree soon so I can sample the goods, er I mean preview the service.

In summary, it sure as hell beats M&Ms, but the price is close to 1,000 times more than my old friends who DON'T melt in my hand ...

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