Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Marshmallow Peeps & Chocolate Bunnies

It's almost Marshmallow Peeps and Chocolate Bunnies season.

The best thing I know to do with chocolate rabbits is to eat 'em.
Peeps, on the other hand, make headline news because they offer far more creative options. Parties get organized around Peeps activities: Relay Races, Eating Contests, Peeps Crafts, Peeps Games, BURNING of the Peeps Ceremonies, Peeps Jewelry-making ... more later.

LEE GOING RIGHT FOR THE EARS IN 1952There are probably thousands of creative ways to consume a chocolate rabbit. I confess I always go back to my original instinctive method: bite off the ears FIRST - as this photo of one of my first indulgences clearly captured for the record. It's just because I love chocolate - dark chocolate most of all - and no chocolate bunny stands a chance of non-maiming or survival longer than a day in my house.

Peeps always survived my childhood Easter baskets. As a candy they were cute (and mute) and soft and sweet, but they weren't chocolate. So, Peeps became my friends, my toys, my long-after-its-over souvenirs/reminders of more fleeting Easter treats and toys. At times they became weapons of defense against 3 younger brothers.

Peeps marshmallow candies (still made with love by Just Born of Bethlehem, PA) inspire all types of creativity: there are hundreds of ways you can enjoy Peeps with or without eating them. And of course, the Peeps yellow chick is a sponsor of the Easter Seals Society.

All About PEEPS by Just Born

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