Monday, March 28, 2005

EB, White Rabbit Visits Unannounced

They just keep showing up. Critters, that is. In our suburban Pennsylvania back yard.

On Saturday, a big white rabbit found our bird feeding station and garden. It's interesting that on the day before Easter, Mr. EB, White Rabbit showed up at our back door - presumably to munch down anything that looked green. He gave a quick kiss to Misty the cat, (who was brave although started by this species she's never encountered) then cleaned up all the bird seed we'd scattered on the walkway for our small feathered friends. (No, this is NOT our pet rabbit - he really DID just show up in the back yard on the day before Easter!)

Our visit from Mr. EB is quite a contrast compared to last week's nature-guest! but it's not the first time we've had critters appear.

Last spring, Bambi in a red bandana paid a visit to our neighbors. She frolicked for hours with their dogs, then disappeared as mysteriously as she had appeared. We figure she must be living with friends if she was wearing that stylish necktie - hopefully it kept her from becoming a trusting target or a traffic problem.


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